Results for game August 7

Bill Lambert winner of today's game with an excellent 41 points

Bathurst Golf vets golf report for Monday, August 7


Hi everyone,

Anyone who thinks that playing vets golf on Monday’s is easy picking for a winning voucher better thick again. On a small field of 26 players, (a large group went to Blayney to play Central West Vets) seven played to their handicap or better.

Bill Lambert (41), Geoff Tindall (40), Paul Rosconi (40), Garry Pomeroy (39), Carole McDiarmid (37), Bob Lockhart (36) and Martin Everett (36) well and truly set vets golf on fire today.

The ball sweep went down to 34 points, and the nearest to the pin winners were Phil Pittaway on the 4th, Alex Blackett on the 8th, Arthur Clancy on the 13th and Danny Gooley has done it again on the 16th.

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Next round of Central West vet’s golf will be at Oberon on Monday, August 21

Oberon is a walk up start so get there between 8:00 and 9:00am to get a game.

Bathurst vets golf is on every Monday with tee times between 8:00 and 9:30am.

Good golfing everyone

Manuel Pro