Results for November 27

Bathurst Golf Vets report for game November 27

Hi everyone,

What a difference a week makes in golf. Last week you needed 35 points to get a ball in the ball sweep, this week 35 points got you 1st place and a $30 voucher.

Just when we think that we got the game under control and we are going to score 40 points every week, the game brings us down to earth.

That is the reason why we keep playing every week, hoping that one day we will be able to play two consecutive rounds of 40 points and feel that we really got the game under control.

Golf results

Arthur Clancy has really hit a purple patch with his game once again collecting the winning voucher with a score of 35 points, but he didn’t have it all his own way. He had to survive a countback when Peter Plunkett and Dei McCarthy also returned score cards of 35 points. Peter collected second place with Dei getting third. The fourth voucher went to Danny Gooley with 33 points

The ball sweep went down to 29 points and he nearest to the pin winners Graham Cranston on the 4th, Arthur clancy on the 8th, Eric Denholm on the 13th and Trevor Kingham on the 16th.


Winning vouchers and balls sweep

Next Game of Bathurst vets golf will be on Monday December 4th

Next game of Central West vets will be at Bathurst on December 11.

Until then, May the gods of golf be kind to you.