Results for game October 23

Doug Collins, Paul Smith and Bill Dickie celebrating their membership to the 80+ vets club.

Hi everyone,


This is a catch-up report for game played on Monday, October 23 so it will be short.

We had a problem with the computers on the day, and we were not able to send the results to Golflink. We are working on the problem and hope to have it fixed as soon as possible.


Please let new players know that if they are not getting these reports because they are not on the mailing list they can always see the results and reports on our website

On to results.

We had 49 players on the day which was our biggest field this year. The weather was hot and as you will see by the results so was the golf.

Results and ball sweep

Results for Central West vets’ game will be sent shortly.

Next game of Central West vets will be at Oberon on Monday, November 6.

Oberon is a walk up start so get there between 8:00 and 9:00 to get a game.

Good golfing everyone

Manuel Pro