Results for game on April 17

Al Hammond considering how he missed out on the countback

Bathurst Vets golf report for April 17 comp


Hi everyone,

A good field of 29 Bathurst vet golfers enjoyed a perfect Autunm weather day with lots of sunshine, no wind and a very pleasant 24 degrees. It was a perfect day for golf but unfortunately the scores were not so perfect with no one on the field able to play to their handicap.

Best on the day was Danny Gooley with a score card of 35 points to take home the 1st place winning voucher. A four-way countback was required to decide 2nd and 3rd place when Greg Malligan, Neville McMichael, Al Hammond, and James Johnson all had scores of 33 points. After a lot of calculations, the computer gave Greg Malligan second place and Neville McMichael third place. Al and James had to settle for a ball on the ball sweep, which went down to 29 points

Nearest to the Pin were shared by Arthur clancy on the 4th, Danny Gooley on the 8th, Greg Malligan on the 13th and Andre Schuster on the 16th.

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Next game of Bathurst vets will be on Monday, April 24

Next game of Central west games will be at Blayney on Monday, May 1.

Until then, may the Gods of golf be kind to you.

Manuel Pro