Results for game June 5

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Bathurst Vets golf report for Monday, June 5

Hi everyone,

Some housekeeping before the results.

We currently have a big imbalance of players in our usual A and B grades. Today, we had a field of 30 players in the comp with 4 playing in A grade and 26 playing in B grade which creates a very unfair sharing of winning vouchers. So, unless somebody else comes with a better suggestion, from today we will only one grade, but we will increase the number of vouchers given out.

On to the comp results,

If the scores are any indication, quite a few golfers went home feeling very happy with their performance on the golf course today. Out of a field of 30 players, 20 of them had scores of 33 points or better.

Best of all was Bill Dickie who cleaned up the field with an excellent score of 39 points to take out first place. Not far behind Bill were Alex Smith, Martin Everett, and Brett Corby all scoring 38 points. When the dust settled after the countbacks it was Alex who claimed second place, Martin got third and Brett got fourth place.

The ball sweep went down to 34 points. The nearest to the pin went to Ash Lamb on the 4th, Bill Dickie on the 13th, and Doug Collins on the 16th. I don’t know who got the 8th, it wasn’t picked up.

There will be no game of local vets next Monday due to the club running a comp.

Next game of Central West vets will be at Wenworth on Monday, Jun 19.

This will also be the first round of the 2023 Vets Championships.

You will need to call the Wentworth golf club proshop on 02 6361 4505 to book a starting time and a golf cart.

Good golfing everyone

Manuel Pro